Q & A: How Did You Pick Your First Dance Song?

Photo Source: Ellie Grover via 100 Layer Cake

It is finally Friday! Guys can I just say that helping my best friend really dive in and plan her wedding makes my heart full. Rachel (who you met here) and I skyped last night which is a fabulous invention I might add. We got to tear up together, we got to giggle and we got to go over wedding details. She is on a roll and planning perfectly. Proud of you Rachel!

Q: How did you pick your first dance song?

A. I can say that picking our song was really easy for us. I don't have a lengthy answer or solution. Any time I heard a song that I liked whether on TV, a movie or pandora, I wrote it down. I also thought back to songs that marked special moments in our relationship. I made a potential first dance playlist on iTunes and set a time for Rusty and I to listen to each song. Rusty didn't have much to do with planning our wedding but he did want to help select our song.

We played each song and even attempted a bit of dancing. We started to play Al Green's Let's Stay Together and fell in love. It fit our quirky personalities. We looked at each other and said, "This is it!" And just like that we picked our first dance song. At the wedding it was even sweeter. Every time I hear it I smile and if Rusty is with me we break out in spastic dancing.

My best advice is to not stress over the first dance song. There is a song that fits your personality and as Anne Hathaway put it in Bride Wars something for your couple style. Try dancing to your favorites. It is not only a reason to get close to your love but you get to practice for your big day. Try researching on the Internet. I also love real weddings on wedding blogs not only because of the inspiration and pretty pictures but because it lists what songs those couples used. It may provide direction!

Be back in a bit for Love Song Friday friends!


  1. Great advice and totally needed right now. Been listening to song all week. Countdown begins. thanks for sharing, love. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. xo


  2. Thank you so much! I have a whole stash of amazingly sweet songs if you need any! :)


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