Friday, February 10, 2012

Love Song Friday, Volume 40

Hazah! We hit volume 40 today! Crazy folks...

You may be wondering where is our normal Friday Q & A session? Well in preparation and a bit of celebration (editing is wrapped for a bit), I am driving to Hobby Lobby as we speak to finish my booth decor for the bridal fair this weekend.

A few times on the blog I have covered this topic but recently I have seen more and more questions about videography. You can read my past thoughts here and here but today I have something more than a blog post. Why should you hire a professional versus a family friend? Why should you budget for a videography when you can get someone to do it for free? I understand your thoughts. I do but please watch this clip. This little 25 second clip is from Nikki and Jordan's wedding and every time I watch it I am more and more excited about my profession. This clip alone tells you why you should hire a professional videographer:

My Favorite Nikki and Jordan Clip from Lovebird Productions on Vimeo.

Look at how happy they are. Think a family friend with no video experience could capture that? I don't think so. I know videography is still very new to the wedding industry but what you just watched makes it totally worth every penny. You deserve moments and clips like that.

Now onto Love Song Friday and the weekly recap:

Monday: A Backdrop Decision
Tuesday: Nikki + Jordan Wedding Highlight
Wednesday: Wedding Dress Wednesday
Thursday: Plan B

Every one ready for the weekend yet? I know that I am. Rusty and I are heading to the San Antonio Rodeo! The rodeo is the perfect reason to get to wear my new cowgirl boots. When in Texas? Rusty and I don't listen to much country music but we are also seeing Luke Bryan perform tonight at the rodeo. I am excited for all the festivities!

I thought the perfect song to send us into our weekend is David Guetta's Without You featuring Usher. I am in love with this song right now friends! So here is to a weekend of bliss, lots of laughter, sweet memories and your dancing shoes. Happy Friday y'all!


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