Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wedding Keepsakes

I can remember returning from our honeymoon and unloading all of the wedding things out of the car. We had so many things from the wedding I didn't know where to begin organizing.  We had extra programs, napkins, bows and little knick knacks. As I begin to organize, I realized that I needed to keep one of everything.  Yes, I threw things away.  It was hard but I didn't need 65 programs from our wedding. I came across a few good ideas to help me display our wedding keepsakes and get things organized.

One of my favorite blogs, Young House Love (disclaimer: once you start reading, you will be hooked!), had a brilliant idea of using a shadow box.

Photo Source:  Young House Love

I love how they used their napkin, photo strips from their photo booth, their invitation, a photo of their gorgeous backyard reception and a few other favorites from their big day.  Just think of the cute things you could place in your shadow box!  You could even press a pretty flower from your bouquet or include your marriage license.

From our honeymoon, I brought home a few shells, our place tickets, a handful of photos and our hotel room key.  While I used some of the shells to decorate around our house, I wanted to keep the honeymoon momentos together.  Here is another fabulous idea from Young House Love:

Photo Source:  Young House Love

I love how each time you pass your shadow box or jar of keepsakes you can smile and remember that time in your life. It also allows you to downsize any extras that you may have and keep just what you need.  For more on these great ideas visit here and here.

I hope you are all having a fabulous day Lovebirds!


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