Hey There Gal, A New Look

Getting a new blog design is like getting a new present. And boy do I love presents.

Lovebird Productions has been near and dear to my heart. It is also the first name of my one and only business but here we are. The blog is changing. My heart is changing. Life is changing.

This blog is fresh, clean and totally me. This Girl Design did everything right. I like it when that happens.

So for now, Lovebird Productions meets Katie Farrin world.

P.s. Soon the domain is going to change to katiefarrin.com. You know, when I make time.

Image via Felicia Hausman Photography


Vacation = Soul Food

Can we all agree that vacations heals? Heals everything.

A few weeks ago we celebrated Spring Break by leaving town for a few days and heading to Hot Springs to stay at our condo on the lake.

So I have vacation photos for you and only three weeks later. I say that is pretty good timing (for me).

Here are my vacation highlights:
  • Couples massage
  • Lots of sunshine
  • Lost (our new Netflix show)
  • Puppies by the lake
  • Walking downtown
  • Homemade soap shops
  • Good, good food
Rusty and I have never splurged much when it comes to couple time. We saved a little extra money and schedule a couple's massage at the Arlington. This is the place above. It is old, charming and a but creepy all at the same time.

 A bump and a laughter picture. Both needed.

It was freezing but so much sunshine. You know sunshine equals goodness in my book.

  Breakfast at Granny's Kitchen.

 Jane bear napping. She is all feet and legs.

 Rusty being Rusty. Focus on the Magnolia lined sidewalk and not Rusty being goofy.

Mar baby.

 A peek at our retro condo on the lake.

Balcony sunset.


 Oh babe.

 The idea of opening a soapery is brilliant to me. Yes, I paid $7 for an organic soap bar. I know I can make it but it felt like a treat to support these ladies business. I love it the decor, the idea and the smells. Heaven on Central Avenue if you as me.


6 Week Challenge: Pretty Nails

I officially have six weeks of school left. SIX weeks! All this until I am a free woman. Well, free to focus more on meal planning, planning for baby and working on our house.

I am needing a pick me up to push me through these last few weeks. I need something that when I see it, I smile.

One little thing I love to do is paint my nails. My nail polish collection is vibrant and bright. The thing I struggle with is making time to paint my nails. But when I do, my oh my, I love the pretty reminder of a slower pace of life. Slow enough I get to sit and focus on painting my nails.

I made a pact to myself that for the next six weeks I will paint my nails a new color. I am excited to make it a Saturday or Sunday night tradition to make time for myself. No tv. No music (well maybe a record) and no puppies. Sorry pups.

Saturday night I chaperoned prom at our high school and painted my nails Mermaid Tears by OPI. It reminds me that sweet summer is coming and no day can be that bad.

Join me in the six week pretty nail oh girl challenge. I knew you would like the name. :)

And just a little nail inspiration here, here and here.

Image via Cupcakes and Cashmere